Kent/Bog Springs

This is a good trail loop for a shorter hike in the Santa Ritas, though it is pretty steep and narrow in places.  A lot of the trail is in the shade of trees on the Kent Spring portion.  There's a large variety of trees due to alternating dry and wet slopes.  The persistent water from springs along the creeks supports more water dependent trees like Arizona Walnut, Sycamore and Cypress.  Start from the Bog Springs campground, which when JJ and I camped there years ago seemed to be a hotspot for skunks, which ignored us for the most part.

March 14, 2009
Kathryn, Mike and Newt went along with me on this hike.  A very unexpected thunderstorm developed around us while hiking, but we only got a light drizzle on the way down.  The threatening storms made us pick up the pace a bit and made Newt nervous from the thunder.

A Southwestern White Pine near Kent Spring.  Sometimes these look like miniature versions of Sugar Pines native to the northwest, with long cones hanging from the tips of the outstretched upper branches.  Both are somewhat closely related and grouped together in the white pine subgenus Strobus within the genus Pinus.

Storms move in and rain on the Sant Cruz valley and the Sierrita Mountains beyond to the east.

We all stare off to the right at the ghostly white sycamores around Bog Spring as we head back down.

A look back from near the trailhead towards Wrightson and the Santa Rita crest through remnants of light rain.  There's still some tiny patches of snow left below the summit.