Some photos of lightning, mostly from the roof.

Summer '08
A good year for rain in our area and lots of lightning.

Storms over Pusch Ridge with heavy rain shafts.


Lots of lightning and then a downpour starts to roll in.

Summer '09
Not a good year for rain but had a couple good storms for lightning.


The city lights were especially strong in these, lighting up the rain and clouds with a yellow glow.  So the color was a bit tricky to control and ended up being a bit impressionistic, but it's somewhat arbitrary for lightning photography anyway.  The lightning was getting pretty close on the last two which felt kind of dodgy on the roof.

Summer '10

Decent year for lightning, though a lot of it was embedded in the clouds and rain.

Most of the lightning in this storm was completely obscured by the heavy rain column but some popped out right along the margin.  

These shots were all from the same storm as it rolled west over the Rincon Mountains into the city.  The first photo captures some of sunset light with a couple strikes hitting the top of the Rincon Mountains at right.  The second photo is a pretty intense development to the west of Agua Caliente Hill.  

The storm is getting close enough that it starts developing overhead so I head inside after this shot.