Heart of Rocks

The Heart of Rocks is probably the area of Chiricahua National Monument that most people are familiar with due to the photography of rock pinnacles there.  The Heart of Rocks loop trail is an interesting hike as it winds through a maze of rock and it can be done as part of a bigger but moderate loop hike that passes through a variety of scenery. 

Circa 1996
Jerry and I headed out on this hike as the first winter storm front of the season moved in.  Midway through the hike we thought we might get caught in white-out conditions since the crest of the range was getting hit hard by snow storms, but we only got a few snow flakes.

A glimpse at the elusive Jerry in the Heart of Rocks and standing next to one of many balancing rocks in the monument.  The second photo looks to the south across the pinnacles of the Heart of Rocks towards the Chiricahua crest which is mostly hidden in the snow storm.

View north across the monument to the Dos Cabezas Mountains.

Jerry setting up a shot and displaying an appropriate shirt.  The thick chaparral surrounding him is typical of the upper elevations of the monument.  Only occasionly Mexican Pinyon Pine or Chihuahua Pine stand above the brush which in this photo includes stunted Silverleaf Oak, which are normally tree size, and manzanita.  In contrast the wet shady canyon bottoms can support large Arizona Cypress and Ponderosa as seen in the second photo.