Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon doesn't do much climbing in its lower stretch and the trail quickly accesses some trees along the creek which is probably why this section can be busy.  As usual the crowd thins deeper into the canyon and the trail becomes obviously less travelled.

Circa 1999
Views from midway up where the upper Sonoran Desert biome blends together with oak grassland.  The cliffs in the second photo separate Pima from Finger Rock Canyon

January 8, 2006
Kathryn was running a marathon in Florida so I thought it would be fitting to do a hike myself.  Made it up to Pima Saddle which is as far as I've been up the trail so far.

View up canyon where it narrows significantly and changes character by leaving signs of the Sonoran Desert behind.  The left wall of the canyon feels distinctly separate from the other side, like the creek is just wedged inbetween.

A Madrean forest of oak and pine tucked into the rocks.  The slopes on the right continue up to Mt Kimball.

A view of the narrow blade of Pusch Ridge and Table Mountain from the steep section of trail up to Pima Saddle.  This part of the trail is basically an ascent up a loose brushy steep gully.

It's a short walk from the saddle to this point which offers some of the best views of western Pusch Ridge.  The summit of Mt Kimball is both on the left and right edge.  On the left, Pima Canyon leads away down towards Tucson and on the left side of the canyon Finger Rock is just out of view near Prominent Point which is the distant high point with a notch in it.  Table Mountain is the wedge shaped point on the right side of Pima Canyon and from there through the center of the photo are the spires and cliffs of western Pusch Ridge.  On the right are the summits of Mt Lemmon, Cathedral, and Window Peaks.

A closer look down at the cliffs with Table Mountain at left and the pointed summit of Leviathan Dome sitting below the large exposure of rock of Wilderness Dome at right. 

Zoomed in view of Mt Lemmon and Lemmon Rock Lookout on its right.

Zoomed in views of the burned and rocky summits of Window and Cathedral Peak, in the first and second photos respectively.  The window appears as a small black hole in the center of the cliffs that are separate and below the summit cliffs. 

A look at the large cliffs that form a sort of amphitheater pocket on the east side of Pima Canyon, which Finger Rock is perched on the other side of as well as its namesake canyon.  The sunlit cliffs on the left are Finger Rock Guard and the center high point is Prominent Point.