Gibbon Mountain

Gibbon Mountain isn't a very prominent point since it is overshadowed by the rest of the Catalinas immediately behind it.  When looking from the west along the front of Pusch Ridge, it projects out a little more obviously from the rest of the range.  Part of the route up to the top is off trail but it covers fairly easy terrain and the hike is pretty short overall. 

March 24, 2007

View from the saddle before heading off trail up the ridge to the summit.  Looking along the fault that creates basins for Bear and Sabino Creeks and separates Pusch Ridge at left in the clouds from the rest of the Catalinas.  Almost everything in this view was burned badly by the Aspen Fire.

Fendlerbush in full bloom on the ridge.  There were only a few scattered in this area, but in other areas they're much denser and they attract a lot of bees and other pollinators.

Looking way down one of the rockslide chutes from the 2006 flood, it meets Bear Creek about 1500' below on the upper right.

Looking west over Bear Canyon immediately below and Romero Pass in the distance at center.  Thimble Peak is just out of view to the left along the ridge below, and on the other side of that ridge is Sabino Canyon.  The trail in Bear Canyon climbs switchbacks to the right of the waterfall on the lower left.  

Looking north over the basin of Bear Creek where the Sycamore Creek tributary can be seen hooking in just left of center as it flows next to the very low divide separating it from the basin of Sabino Creek.  The Catalina Highway can be seen at right near the Seven Cataracts Vista, and again on the ridge above at Windy Point Vista.

Took a different route down and contoured around the south slope of the mountain through some pleasant areas of large Deergrass clumps.  Agua Caliente Hill in the middleground and the Rincons beyond.

Looking back from the highway at Gibbon Mountain on the left and Thimble Peak on the right with Bear Creek flowing down between and eventually into Tucson in the distance after merging with Sabino Creek.