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This site is dedicated to exploring and hiking into wilderness, and since I live in Tucson it focuses mostly on this region.  Tucson is fortunate in having a relatively large amount of varied wilderness within a short distance.  I'm hoping the descriptions and photos contained within will inform as well as inspire others to explore these areas, possibly adding some hikers to the trails but hopefully those that will value and protect the land for preservation.  This site is also basically just a journal for my own purposes, and to share with friends and family.

I used to hike mostly with achieving destinations like summits in mind, but I've progressively become more aware and observant of the biodiversity and myriad of complex interactions that can be found along the way.  I'd recommend reading up on the native flora and fauna because it does allow a deeper immersion into the surrounding landscape.  This is why I named the site Ineo Mons, which is "the mountain enters" in Latin.  I think everybody could benefit from having the wilderness entering their perspective.  For me wilderness isn't just something to look at, it's something that feels like a component of being human that is often subtracted out. 

The map below shows the more prominent mountain ranges in the area, Tucson is the gray patch south of the Catalinas.  I've labeled the mountains informally as I usually refer to them.  The Mexico border is the faint line running east-west just south of the Huachucas and New Mexico is at the far right.  The big white patch is Willcox Playa, which is a dry lake bed. 
Courtesy NASA/JPL

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